Weather Trends in Italy

Weather Trends in Italy When to visit Italy – Weather Trends – Italy’s Seasons Historically we recommend a trip from late April to Early October which is considered travel season for tourists. The summer months of July and August can be incredibly hot and many Italians take the month of August off from work to holiday at the beaches throughout the country. The further south you go the warmer the weather trends. Sicily can have lovely weather in the winter and it’s a great place to go during the off season. The experts at Italy 4 Real have come up with a basic monthly guide of weather and tourists load for the year. January and February are cold, wet or snowy. Tourism is very low, as are hotel and flight prices. March and April are rainy and still much chillier than visitors often expect. Tourism surges briefly during Easter week, seeing many traditional Catholic festivities, including pilgrimages. May and June are pleasantly warm throughout most of the country, attracting large amounts of tourists. Expect long lines and crowds, so consider booking a private guide or sightseeing tour to avoid lines. Reservations for hotels, train travel, and museum entrances are a must. July is about the same as May and June, with continued heat, prices, and lines August is likely the hottest month, especially in cities. Visiting in August can be challenging, because it is high season, but also the time many Italians leave work to go to the beaches. You will see signs chiuso per ferie ("closed for holiday") the week of Ferragosto, an important Italian holiday that falls on August 15. Attractions remain open in August, but often operating under limited hours. Reservations still highly recommended. September's climate is much better and the heat breaks about the first week of the month. Businesses re-open, Italians return to work from their August holidays, and there are fewer tourists than in prior summer months. October sees fewer tourists, low season prices, cooling temperatures and lovely fall landscapes - reasons, all, to make this month more attractive to visitors who can swing an off season vacation (more difficult if you have school-aged children). November in Italy is cold and virtually empty of tourists. Count on low season pricing. December is low season up until the period encompassing Christmas through the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6). As early as the week after Christmas, many Italians begin the popular settimana bianca, or "white week" of ski breaks, thus sending Alpine resorts into full swing. Christmas in Italy is an exciting, tradition-rich time to visit, worth considering for your second or third trip. Get your customized tour quote for any time of year with the experts at Italy 4 Real!

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