Italy Travel Holiday Traditions in Italy

Track Santa this year and learn about the holiday season in Italy. The holiday season in Italy is a big deal! As you can imagine, the Italians really love their Christmas. Italians celebrate the holiday between December 24th and January 6th They also celebrate “Saturnalia” which is a winter solstice festival that goes until New Years Day when the Roman New Year known as “Calends” begins. For visitors to Italy during this time of the year, there are so many wonderful things to see and experience many weeks before Christmas Day. Festivities throughout the country begin in late November and continue into January. Some of the more notable celebrations in Italy are… In ROME during the holiday season there is a large Christmas market, nativity display and many large Christmas trees lit throughout the city. The biggest event is in Saint Peters Square in Vatican City where the midnight mass is given by the Pope inside St. Peters Basilica. On Christmas day at noon the Pope comes out onto his balcony to give his Christmas message. In NAPLES there is a huge celebration featuring Nativity Cribs and amazing nativity displays. In the homes of the Bay of Naples, families celebrate Christmas Eve with seven fish recipes. Eat up! In TORNIO they celebrate Christmas with professional lighting artists that travel to Torino from all over Europe to put up over 10 miles of lights! In MONTE INGINO they have a tree that won The World’s Tallest Christmas Tree in 1991. Each year they have a tree that is over 650 meters tall and has nearly 1000 lights. The star on top of the tree can be see from over 25 miles away! Haunkkah is celebrated in Italy as well. In Rome they have a wonderful part of the city near Campo dei Fiori. The area is a thriving Jewish community that celebrates the holiday with large, cantle lit Menorrah that is lit every night during the holiday period in Rome. Tracking Santa Starts Each December 24th at 12 Noon PST. Here is the link: NORAD SANTA TRACKER (

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